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La Mancomunidad
Home help
The help service to home (SAD) goes to individuals or families in situation of risk or dependency. It is the most appropriate resource to promote the permanence of dependents at home for as long as possible; life on many occasions.

Is also ideal to palliate family complex junctures, requiring a series of actions related to aid domestic character, and personal, social and complementary nature, or to promote the auto-cuidados preventive physical and cognitive through direct contact and monthly visits of volunteer staff, as well as tracking periodic on-site by employees social for Mancomunidad and registration of data necessary for the proper care of the users.


1 Respond to family or personal crisis situations, that from a short-term intervention can contribute to improve or normalize family or social life.

2 Seek a level of attention or care personal, domestic, social and technical, sufficient to provide the citizens of Sierra Norte the possibility of staying in it, avoiding detention unnecessary as far as possible.