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La Mancomunidad
Promotion of Equality

This program develops a series of activities for all of them to pay attention to victims of gender-based violence, to generate action protocols with different agencies providing primary care, disseminate the Municipal point of gender-based violence, raise awareness and prevent in this matter.


1 Detect new needs for the reconciliation of work and personal life.

2. Upgrade existing resources in Mancomunidad that favor the reconciliation of professional and family life and to publicize these resources in Mancomunidad.

3. Study, assessment and distinction to company with conciliation measures in place in Sierra Norte.

4 Evaluate the importance of having a personal, family and working time to achieve adequate levels of well-being.

5 Become aware of the impact that has on health maintenance of healthy life styles.

6 Learn to value and perceive the interpersonal differences in a positive and enriching way.

7 Learn peaceful conflict resolution strategies.

8 Analyze the behaviors of the people free of gender stereotypes.

9 Promote a free and informed, professional choice outside of gender stereotypes.

10. Developing strategies that promote a positive attitude in women.

11 To analyze and know the female figure throughout history, through its different cultural manifestations.

12 Think about their own personal resources to influence society and collective life