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La Mancomunidad

Social Services Center is a comprehensive facility of public social services of Mancomunidad primary care of Sierra Norte social services network.

It is the normal channel of access to the public system of social services. Attention a comprehensive and versatile in the field next to their citizens and to their family and social environment. Social services of primary care are therefore developed at a local level and are managed by Mancomunidad with character conveniado with the regional administration, in our case is the Ministry of family and Social Affairs.

This Center is endowed with human, financial, and material resources they all aimed to provide social services of primary care to the resident population in its scope, forty-two peoples that form Mancomunidad, through the Social work units that are the basic level of this structure.


  • Information service, assessment and guidance (S.I.V.O.)
  • Social emergency
  • Home help
  • Prevention, integration and Social advancement
  • Attention to the minor
  • Occupational Centre "Sierra Norte"
  • Promotion of equal opportunities, as well as matter of gender Vilencia
  • Promoting equality - reconciliation of work and personal life education in equality and equal opportunities

Programming welcome